I just wanted to let you know… I see you.

  • I see how hard you’re working to keep it all together. 

  • I see how deeply you pour into others and leave little left for yourself.

  • I see how well you lead those around you, feeling the need to keep it all together, and deep down wonder if you’re doing it right.

  • I see those moments when you’re alone and struggling.  Thinking, “What's happening? Why can't I pull myself together?”


You’re not alone,

and there is HOPE!

Join me for my 12-session coaching program. 

It revolves around 3 major themes:

  • The Body Keeps the Score (based on the work by Bessel Van der Kolk)

  • The Mind Keeps the Lies

  • The Soul Keeps the Wounds


This is a program that is full of grace and compassion for your story.  Ultimately, the three things above are all ways that we’re wired to protect ourselves.  Sometimes we just need help in “unwinding” what is keeping us stuck so that you can move forward powerfully in life and professionally. 


A RELEASED life of freedom, joy and hope is possible!  It's inside of you!

This is a one-of-a-kind program that is designed to give encouragement, teachings and tools that we practice together so that you have access to them beyond the program.

Many stress relieving products and programs teach how to manage stress.  This program gets to the ROOTS of what causes that toxic stress in the first place.

I understand that a RELEASED life is possible, because that's my own story.  I won't pretend that I have it all figured out, or that I have all my stuff together.  I'm a real human being.  However... 

  • I've spent the time and I've done the work to process through my own anxiety, depression, burnout and PTSD, and am honored to now walk with others on their own healing journey.

  • I've had the amazing experience of leading teams, who lead teams, who lead teams, all while being a wife and mother.  I get that world and all that comes with it.  I've been to the School of Life!

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About the 12-Week

Unhindered Life Program:

1) Program Overview & Goal Setting

We'll talk through an overview of the program and complete stress assessments and personalized goal setting for our time together.

2) T.R.E.® Session (Learn more HERE.)

You'll be gently guided through the Tension and trauma Releasing Exercises. T.R.E. is a stress-releasing self-help tool that gets to the deepest places in the body, brain and nervous system where we hold tension and trauma. 

3) The Body Keeps the Score

You'll learn how the brain and body store toxic stress and trauma, as well as discover more stress-relieving tools that you can use at home.

4) T.R.E.® Session

You'll continue to experience T.R.E.® in a guided environment, so you can use this on your own as a self-help tool in the future.

5) The Mind Keeps the Lies

We'll identify and RELEASE lies we believe about ourselves and others that can leave us hindered and unable to move forward in life. More importantly, we'll find truths and talk about ways that you can actually re-wire your brain in order to hold on to those truths.

6) T.R.E.® Session

7) The Soul Keeps the Wounds

Each of us have had hurtful or traumatic things done to us, or we've even done them to others, leaving a mark and effect on our lives. 

8) T.R.E.® Session

9) RELEASING Session 1

An Unhindered Life is one that is RELEASED from the emotional gunk that can hold us down, like fear, guilt, shame and condemnation. We'll take time to identify and release specific areas that are holding you back.

11) RELEASING Session 2

Throughout the previous sessions, you've been learning and practicing tools.  Now you'll guide the session with as much support from me as possible.  This will help prepare you so you're able to process through the stuff of life more independently in the future. 

12) Wrap-Up & Next Steps

In the last of our 12-Session Program, we'll take stock of how far you've come and also determine what next steps you should take in order to continue living an Unhindered Life! 


**Some clients may choose to do further T.R.E. Sessions or additional coaching.  Whatever support you need, I'm here!**

I know that there is greatness inside of you.  That person from years ago who was full of life and hope is right there waiting to reemerge.



Click the Chat button or use the tab on this site to schedule a complimentary discovery session.


I look forward to talking to you soon!

With love,

Liza Heidelberger


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